by h. gillespie

I am a conservation biologist, educator, natural historian, artist, and science writer living in Austin, Texas. I have a variety of interests in the biological sciences + the arts, and have lots of experience with interdisciplinary projects in conservation and public education in the sciences. I study the ecology of endangered and rare species, how to conserve them, and how to restore native habitats. I am founder and writer for biocreativity.wordpress.coma blog about the arts + biological sciences and I am owner/director of Art.Science.Gallery. LLC, an art gallery and science communication space in Austin, Texas. As an artist I use a variety of media, including ceramics and printmaking, to create works that are often inspired by my activities as a biologist. Feel free to explore both my academic and creative work through this site, and thank you for visiting.


Ph.D. 2011. Ecology, Evolution & Behavior, University of Texas at Austin.

B.A. 2003. Biology with minors Environmental Studies & Art, Austin College.


You can reach me by email at hayleygillespie@utexas.edu about any of the following services, or if you’d simply just like to get in touch.

  • ecological and conservation research + consulting
  • grant writing, report writing + data analysis in ecological and conservation sciences
  • outreach lectures, workshops and events on a variety of scientific topics
  • freelance science writing on a variety of topics
  • multimedia presentations in the biological sciences (let me help you communicate your work to the world)!
  • custom artwork commissions + installations